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Alun Alun – The Plaza

Freeport's Office Buildings..
Hero ( the shopping center)
CNB Niaga (local bank)
Taxi terminal

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International school of Kuala


Europeans have long called this peak the Carstenz Pyramid, or Mount Carstenz, after the Dutch navigator who first sighted it on a rare clear day. The Netherlands held on to western New Guinea longer than the rest of Indonesia, turning the area over in 1960.

The Indonesians renamed the peak Puncak Jaya, or “Mount Victory”, once they gained control of what they called Irian Jaya. Today Irian jaya is known as West Papua. Surrounded by unexplored rainforest, the area is difficult to reach for the causal tourist.

There is a large copper mine near the mountain at Tembagapura, owned by a U.S. corporation, that has become a flashpoint in the struggle, between Papuanese and Indonesia. Today Indonesia has gained control of the island.

Still, as one of the dominant peaks of the world and generally considered as one of the “Seven Summits”, Mount Carstenz, is still climbed every year by intrepid westerners, mostly on pre-arranged adventure-travel tours. The rich culture of the isolated tribes of the central New Guinea highlands is an added attraction to any journey into the area. by Greg Slayden

Welcome to Tembagapura Site

Tembagapura is surrounding by 16,499 feet mountains. Because of the high elevation Tembagapura is always covered with clauds. Tembagapura is an interesting place to visit, for tourist as well as entrepreneurs. Freeport McMoran is located in Tembagapura, and Freeport McMoran is known as the world mining company, which is operating day and night. It is only 2-hour driving from Timika to Tembagapura.

It is a long process to get a visitor permit to go up to Tembagapura but once you are there, it is one of the most world traveling destination. You will see the most beautiful untouchable rain forest, mining company and the tambagapura’s culture.

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